I have put together some tips and tricks for the perfect outfits! 

1. Wear something you feel GREAT in!! This is the most important one of all!! If you don’t feel awesome in what you’re wearing it is going to show in the photos! You want to feel confident and comfortable.

2. Wear something appropriate for the location and time of year you’ve chosen.

3. Wear the same level of ‘dressiness’ as your partner. Meaning, if one is in a dress and heels, the other shouldn’t be in shorts and sandals.

4. Avoid stark white clothing, and flat black clothing…

5. Balance patterns. Patterns are great, but I suggest if one of you wears a pattern – that the other wear a solid colour that is complimentary to the pattern so the photos don’t get too busy.

6. Don’t wear matching outfits or colours! Wear colours that compliment each other, but that don’t match. Please, please, please – no white shirts + blue jeans. No his & her matching shirts.

7. Wear layers! Layers always look great in photos and in real life! They add interest and texture to outfits and photos. Throw on a cute cardigan, scarf or light jacket to compliment your outfit!

8. Avoid big logos and words on your clothing. You don’t want to wear anything that distracts from you, which is what happens when the first thing someone sees is logos and words on clothes.

9. If you can’t decide on one outfit – then by all means, bring two! We can do a casual look and a dressier look, or choose outfits that lend themselves better in specific locations!

10. Bring comfy shoes to walk in! Ladies – if you’re going to be wearing mile high heels – make sure to bring a comfy shoe to walk around in if you aren’t comfortable trekking around in your heels. We cover a LOT of ground during engagement sessions – so make sure you’re comfortable in between shots!

11. Get your hair & makeup done! the engagement session is a good time to do a makeup trial for your wedding day! You can see how it looks in person and captured on camera.

12. Relax and have fun! Engagement sessions are low-key and about capturing the two of you as you are – interacting, loving, kissing, laughing… so make sure to bring your smile and be ready to have a great time! 

Why not head out for dinner and drinks after the session?! You’re already all done up and ready to go – so why not make a night of it?!