Newborn &

Maternity Photography

A grand adventure is about to begin.......

If you never knew newborn photography existed..

How would you want you new baby photographed? You want to see connection, natural moments, real moments as they unfold in your very own home.

Fresh 48 

I don't know if Fresh 48 sessions just didn’t exist when I had my two babies, or I just didn't know about them. But which ever way, I wish I could turn back time and have them!

A fresh 48 session is a unique session for families who want the first few hours or days of their brand new babies life captured, without having the entire labor or birth documented. This session takes place within the first 24-48 hours of your baby's life, these documentary sessions are perfect for remembering that first day forever, capturing the exceptional love and bond that is developing between parents and their new little one.

Newborn lifestyle

candid and homely moments with your newborn babe and family.

Newborn lifestyle sessions are not about posing baby with props, blankets and intricate wraps. Its about soaking up the moments of those first few weeks with them, remembering their wrinkly fingers, their soft little feet, breathing in that new delicious baby smell.

I centre my focus on interactions with those who surround your new little one, parents, siblings, grandparents and even the family pets. These sessions are natural and slow paced, documenting a brief moment in time with your wee bundle!

I capture their tiny toes, and little nose, spiky hair and puckered lips.

Real raw memories of you and your newborn in your home.


One of my favourite sessions that I offer! It's such a pleasure to document this exciting time in your life. Your body is no longer just yours, and your dream team of two is about to become a trio, or perhaps you are adding a new sibling to the mix. Whatever the circumstances, this is the fringe of a life changing adventure that you will not want to forget! My aims is to make these sessions relaxed and about more than just that belly!

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