Congratulations again on your engagement!

Whoop Whoop you're getting married!! And if your here you are thinking of getting an engagement session... I know your wondering if its worth it... ( trust me I hate getting my photo taken to ) and really thats up to you! I love how it gets you comfortable in front of the camera, so on your wedding day you know whats going to happen and you don't need to worry about photos, also you can look at them and tell me what you love but also what you hate, so then on your wedding day we can avoid those things!

This page has been created to answer all of your questions before, during, and after your engagement session.

At the start of almost every single engagement session, my clients will say that they're going to be awkward and shy in front of the camera, I ensure them you're not normal if you don't feel a little but anxious! One of the biggest benefits of doing an engagement session is that it will help you get used to being in front of the camera before your wedding day. Remembering back what you did at your engagement session will help make your portrait time more efficient on the big day and allow you to get even more photos you want during that time. Practice makes perfect!

An engagement session is also great for relationship building. It helps me learn how to interact with each other and your quirks! During the session, you will get to know me, my personality and shooting style. When you look back at your engagement photos, you can also figure out which poses you loved and even some you don't like so much for whatever reason. Giving this feedback will help make your wedding images even more beautiful and successful.

Couples recognise engagement sessions as a way to get some pretty photos of themselves that are a lot nicer than the selfies they take while out on the weekends. They are also perfect for your save the dates and walls of your home.

When Should You Schedule an Engagement Session?

There is no right or wrong season to hold your engagement session, as this depends on the weather and scenery you're looking for in your images. I recommend holding your session at least two months prior to getting save the dates done ( if you were wanting to use the images for that ). This will give you time to get your edited images back, finalise your Save the Date design and get them printed.

When scheduling your engagement session, you have more control over the time of day you'd like to shoot. The best time of day to be photographed is when the sun isn't so high up in the sky, just after sunrise or just before sunset. This means your session may begin around 4:30pm in the cooler months, but 6:30pm in the spring or summer, if opting for around sunset time. The light at this time will be more flattering on your skin, you won't have to worry about bright sun in your eyes, and you may even get lucky with an epic sunset!

Engagement Session Location Suggestions

Are there any locations that have meaning to your relationship? Maybe a spot where your proposal took place, where you met, or where you went on your first date. We can usually fit in two nearby locations during your engagement session, which is a great way to also change up your outfits. When shooting at a public location, one thing to look into is whether or not permission or a paid permit is required. If you have any activities you like to do together feel free to include them!

If you can’t think of any locations let me know and I can offer some of my favourite locations to shoot, but it’s great to have somewhere meaningful to you! 

Incorporating Kids and Pets Into an Engagement Session

Whether it's a child or a fur baby, your loved ones are important to your relationship, so they're always welcome as part of your engagement session. If you'll be bringing them along, the biggest recommendation I can provide is to also bring along another adult to help out with them throughout the shoot, for when we do images of just the two of you!

Engagement sessions are fun, quirky, adventurous and the perfect keep sake for this short but sweet time in your journey of life together!