January 4, 2020

Marcel and Georgia

The beginning of Georgia and Marcel's love story is right out of a fairytale… Georgia had decided to take up dancing in 2015, she went along to a class and caught Marcel’s eye across the dance floor, they both locked eyes on one another. Marcel immediately felt his heart go “crazy” and said he danced with two left feet for the rest of the evening, as he was to busy thinking about that pretty Kiwi girl he just met.

Not long after their first encounter, they began to spend time together outside of dancing. Marcel was head over heels, Georgia knew she liked him but wasn't sure how it would work out being with a man from the other side of the world who spoke a different language!

Marcel ended up declaring his love to Georgia, and even told his family all about the Kiwi girl he had fallen for. Marcel told her he loved her, and that he was committed to her and wanted to spend time getting to know more about Georgia, her family, everything! He promised Georgia he would not go back to Switzerland leaving her behind. Georgia chose to let her guard down. She fell for Marcel, and his talent for baking definitely helped, Georgia had a very sweet tooth!

Marcel, did go back to Switzerland, and Georgia went with him for 3 months, she absolutely fell in love with the culture and heart of the country, and began attending German language school where she met some wonderful friends.

July the following year, Georgia and her Nana set on an adventure again to meet Marcel, while there he took her up the gondola in the Swiss mountains – it was stunning! Georgia had no idea she was about to get engaged, Marcel took her outside, to where there was a little tunnel through the mountain leading them to a steel platform with a glass plate floor at the other side giving them a 180 degree view and Marcel got down on one knee to propose!

Between work and university the couple set off to plan their special day...

Marcel and Georgia were to be married at Waipuna Estate on January 4th 2020 at 2pm.

I arrived at noon to find the girls hanging out in the bridal suite, sitting down and laughing with one another, Georgia was reading over her vowels that she would soon be reciting to Marcel.

Georgia was walked down the isle by her Mum and Dean Dean, where Marcel was waiting with tears in his eyes. They ceremony was full of love, there was not a dry eye in the place, both Georgia and Marcel's vowels were written by them, and were so full of love, honesty and dreams for their future.

They surprised everyone with a beautiful pair of non traditional rings. The rings were wooden and have been made from Black swamp oak, which is thousands of years old, Marcel's Dad dug it up from Marcel’s home town and had them turned into wedding bands! Marcel likes the thought of Wood as its warm and not cold like metal.

Liv Webber then pronounced the happy couple Husband and Wife and the guests erupted in cheer and laughter, as Marcel kissed his wife for the first time!

The drinks were flowing as Marcel and Georgia were greeted with hugs and love from their guests. Everyone was enjoying the amazing cheese and bread selection on the grazing table, admiring the Swiss cheese Marcels dad has brought over especially for the big day. Each piece of cheese was spun to turn it into a beautiful flower.

During our consult Marcel was excited to tell me about the games they had sorted for cocktail hour, it was especially important to them both that guests had a great time, and that I was there to capture all these awesome moments! The first game I observed was axe throwing, guests mingled around to watch as other guests would walk up to the mark, take the axe and try and throw it at the wooden target a few meters away. Marcels cousin was teaching guests the rules of another game over in the ceremony lawn, the objective was to knock over the other teams pegs, and finally up on the terrace was the nail game, where each person took a turn at hammering the nail into the large piece of wood.

After spending some time mingling and playing games I quickly grabbed the bride, groom and their bridal party to head up the mountain for some portraits. We hopped in a couple of cars, and drove up to the top of the mountain where we could see the whole of Christchurch! Marcel and Georgia had an engagement session with me 6 months beforehand so the portrait session went smoothly and quickly, capturing stunning images of the loved up newly weds.

Stu's smoking bbq were just about to bring out the dinner when we arrived back for the reception, Guests enjoyed a delicious feast, Followed by speeches, Dean Dean had come prepared with props to use. He began with tying Georgia and Marcel's hands together as a Scottish tradition. He then presented Marcel with his very own sword ( plastic one ) as he recounted another Scottish tradition of chopping off the grooms finger while sharpening his own REAL sword with a smirk on his face. He finished the speech presenting the newlyweds with some 'kiwiana' to take to Switzerland with them, a pair of baby redband gumboots and a photo book with pictures of their friends and family.

Marcel's sister Anita had put together a video of all Marcel's friends and family back home wishing him well, as well as translating special memories from his Dad.

After speeches it was time to cut the cake and play another couple of games. The first game was the 'shoe game' this is where the bride and groom are seated on chairs back-to-back. Both the bride and groom remove their shoes and exchange one so that they are both holding one of each shoe. The bride will have one of her shoes and one of her new husband's shoes and vise versa. During the game, a series of questions are asked, and the answer is either "the bride" or "the groom." The bride and groom answer by holding up the shoe of the correct answer. Marcels groomsmen Will asked the newlyweds questions and the guests were in fits of laughter as they often choose the opposite to one another.

We then headed outside again into the ceremony lawn where kelleigh played the "get me game" where 7 ladies and 7 men sat in a circle, and listened as Kelleigh asked them to grab an item form the wedding i.e a shoe, belt, bracelet, drink and then to come back to the chairs. With each item Marcel took a chair away leaving just one winner!

Guests then came back inside for a buffet dessert made by Georgia's Mum Melinda and other family members, before dancing the rest of the night away!

What a magical day Marcel and Georgia had, surrounded by friends and family. I wish you both all the success of the future, and safe travels for your move to Switzerland later this year.

Venue - Waipuna Estate

Celebrant - Liv Webber

Florist - Bourbon Rose

Cake - The cake eating company

Brides Dress - Brides of Merivale

Make up - Gina Luisetti

Hair - Graceful Hair Art

Catering - Stu's Smokin BBQ